Things That Annoy Me – Part 13

61.) The Trump Cabinet/Donald Trump

This is just the most recent of what will likely be a long line of such stories (well, it was when this cumulative post was first started). At this point, I think only 2 words are necessary. 

Enough already. 

62.) The Hip / Gord Downie

I have to clarify this one a bit. I am not annoyed by the person or band, as much as I am by the public spectical. The annoying notion and implied patriotism that comes with this band. Putting them on par with maple syrup, Tim Hortons coffee, hockey, and other things that render one not canadian if they fail to embrace these patriotic rights of passage. Anyone who has done even a little reading of my past work will know exactly what I think of thoughtless and pseudo-religous behaviers of the macro. 

But anyway, back to TTH/Downie. 

I swear that every time the guy sneezes,  the media and the public swoon at the brilliance of it. My staple for news (CBC News Network) even can’t escape this tradition. The only other time when I recall a release making them so stoked was when Beyonce released Lemonade out of nowhere. To be fair to the Hip, Beyonce has nothing on them (NOTHING!). If she has done anything original in her career, it was LOOONG ago. As compared to TTH’s sticking with their roots for the duration. That said however . . . Downie is not a great singer. Not even a good singer. Not when compared to a Celine Dion or Brian Adams. Even Justin Bieber. 

Yep. I went there. 

I have heard the argument made that their popularity stems alot from their refusal to be strayed from their canadian roots and sound. As opposed to your other talents that run off to the US and embrace a generic sound for fame and fortune. Indeed, one can have that opinion. But personally, it doesn’t bother me if our best and brightest go abroad (or at least, South) to chase their dreams. Like every other area of human knowledge, what would modern culture be like without outside influence?Granted, America tends to dominate the cultural direction of the west  (and beyond). But it still serves as a good exposure market. 

To cap it all off, one can still be terrible even when continually sticking to their roots. I could spend a long career singing secular country songs. That won’t make me any better a country singer. 

Of course, this is all opinion. I think Gord/TTH are terrible. You don’t. Alls well. 


The thought of a secular country song is oddly hilarious. Someone should make it happen. 

63.) Atheists Triggered 

It has been years since the now infamous Nye v. Ham creationism debate that occured in February of 2014. And he has been milking that cow ever since. 

Before the debate, the man was a footnote. An amusing segment of a 2008 documentary film. After however, he became an overnight sensation. His followers absorbed his every word. And his detractors blew up his every Ken-ism into a public spectical. Thus a man who belongs in the backwaters of the internet,  ends up front and center and gaining more and more popularity with each blown up Ken-ism

He is not the only one. Sorbo. Feurstein. Hovind.

Names will come and go from this list. But the cycle will continue as long as its propagated by the reasonable. As long as secularists are willing to trade the ultimate goal for temporary symbiotic benefit. 

64.) To Slap, Or Not To Slap

One would be surprised how often I find myself asking that question. Really in ANY context, but certainly in the context of work. 

Or maybe its not surprising. Considering that this list exists. 

65.) Social Media Retardation

Imagine for a second that it is a perfectly normal day. You are scrolling on facebook, past news articles about this and that new god awful Trump and Republican story, and past people seemingly oblivious to whats going on within their shared biosphere. . . and you see this. 


Fortunately for those of us that are not mouth breathing easily manipulated cattle, most that share this shit are older, typicly baby boomers. Here now, but gone soon. Unfortunately however, their legacy of standing up for the 1920s and 1930s will remain for a very long time. Long after their stupid caucuses have become one again with the planet. Your parents and grandparents stupid, becomes your and your childrens reality. 

Think of that next time you see any overly privilaged old fuck spewing mindlessly retarded dumb fuckery. Or when you are watching wide eyed dipshit Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in action. 

They had their day. And they only continue to, because we let them. 

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