The Most Hated Women In America – Coming Soon (To Netflix)

Yep. It is True

As much vinegar as I have in my words for atheists and atheism of late, I still have a soft spot for arguably the most influential atheist of them all. At first on account to this speech, and later on account to her fascinating life (and ultimately, death). 

Never a dull moment.

This last yaar has produced a number of bio and docupics. One about Snowden that looks interesting. Another about Sully and his floating A320 that looks hilarious (for the record, Sully has NOTHING on these 2 Garuda pilots!). I know the Sully film is not supposed to be funny, but all those overly dramatic trailers . . . I can’t help it!

Either way, unlike either of those 2, I know for a fact that I will be watching The Most Hated Women In America. Hopefully it lives up to its promise. 

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