Democratic Party Insanity?

A question occurs to me of late, fueled by the work of such news platforms as Kyle Kulinski’s show Secular talk . . . What is with the democrats?! Despite the road to electoral victory being blatantly obvious, that is never the road of which they choose.

From bottom to top, the strategy never seems to change. This is the status quo, so we’re running with that. As for what you think . . . FUCK YOU!
Alright, to be fair, that sentiment goes on both sides of the aisle. But up to now (with the exception of Obama, anyway), the choice has been quite . . . unappetizing. Yes, Obama was a disappointment in many ways, but he also inherited a shit storm of monumental proportions.

Either way, the last time around, one would have thought it obvious that Democratic party needs to be smart in their choice. Which would have been very easy, with Bernie Sanders at their fingertips. Knowing the sentiment of the nation at the time (as should have been apparent from the exact same sentiment fueling a quite risky candidate on the right side of the spectrum!), the choice should have been clear.

Or not, as it turns out.

The first part of that being the Hillary aspect. She wanted her chance at the strings. Unfortunately, that chance ended up turning into a power grab from Bernie Sanders (whether or not that was REALLY the situation). Optics is everything in the political world. Well, unless you are Donald Trump, aka Bush 2.0 (same electoral results!). Either way, when it comes to the Hillary campaign, it was chronically damaged from the get go. The DNC fancy footwork, the scandals, and her unfortunate inability to shake the whole inhuman robot image, and even Bill’s legacy.
She had/has every right to run for office. But this cycle, the cycle where the masses are pissed at the establishment, and her being the epitome of what angers them . . . was not the right time. Yes, a large amount of the Hillary hate is not even based in reality (mostly stuff that is more fitting to Donald actually!). But even after I get done scolding the American left for allowing the patients to take complete control of the asylum, I can’t ignore the single biggest reason for the resentment.

Yes, she in fact DID win. It should be President Hillary Clinton, as opposed to president elect Donald. But even so, I don’t think that there is much doubt that in a Bernie V Donald race, Bernie would likely have moped the floor with the GOP.

Yet, the Democrats choose not to go that route. And it seems that they are choosing to go that same route again. Which would beg the simple question that is . . . why?

Looking at the party as a political entity that always operates to seek power (presumably for the benefit of the people, but after citizens united . . . HA!), the strategy is indeed, ridiculous. Stupid. Dumb. The list goes on.
However, if I look at it either as a long term well paying employer for a few reoccurring names, or a well oiled money making machine, the actions start to make sense. Citizens United has ensured that everyone’s wheels are well greased, so in the context of most elections, rich backs will get scratched either way. However, in a case where you have a possible Bernie Sanders candidacy, this grease pretty much ensures that said candidacy will go away. No matter what the cost.

I remember watching David Pakman interviewing a fellow a few months ago (don’t recall his name) who was certain that the republicans were dead in the water. To him, the republicans had already written off the presidency and were in full blown damage control mode. A point that became more plausible after news came out that the RNC was no longer funding the Trump campaign.

Of course, we now know how that ended.

But it has to make one wonder . . . was the presidency written off by the democrats, purposely?

Now we are getting into the territory of conspiracy, indeed. But if I look at this from the standpoint of a vested big money interest looking to buy some influence, I know that money talks. When I give to a republican, I know what I am getting in return. One could say the same for a democrat to normally . . . that is, unless Bernie Sanders is the leader. Hillary at the helm is a win, even if her campaign is a bust. But Sanders at the helm (and a probable Sanders presidency!) could be a disaster.

I will leave it up to the rest of you to decide and comment below (if you want).

1.) Are Democrats to stupid to choose the right path?

2.) Are big moneyed interests a big factor in these decisions?

3.) Another explanation

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