Micheal Moore – A Tale Of 2 Men

Today, I am doing something that I have never really done before. I begin the journey and process of investigating someone that I have always highly regarded. That person is Micheal Moore.

Despite being a Canadian by birth, my interest (and fondness) for Micheal Moore started pretty much when I found myself drawn to politics. Which would have been my early to mid high school years. That would have been around the time when geography and social studies started to open my mind to the outside world. This was also when I first came across Micheal Moore, having seen a screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 at the theater of my local university.

Yes, I was one of those people. I believed it. In my defense, I was young.
But despite being corrected in the not to distant future from that point, I still had a healthy respect for Moore. My favorite of his documentaries (post Fahrenheit) being Bowling For Columbine. I first seen this one in English class, of all places (imagine how THAT would go down in Oklahoma or Texas!).

I would later watch pretty much all of Moore’s offerings (from Roger and Me to Slacker Uprising). Though I have yet to see Moore’s most recent release, I seen (and enjoyed) Capitalism: A Love Story. At my local Value Village a couple years ago, I happened upon 2 of Moore’s books, Stupid White Men and Downsize This. The 2ed being a great find being I came across it not long after watching the film that Moore made while touring for it, called The Big One.

Cracks didn’t start forming in my opinion of Moore until I happened across a film called Micheal Moore Hates America. The film was about more than just exposing a prominent left wing icon. It was also about exposing documentaries as a genre. With creative editing, you can easily lead a viewer astray. As was the case for me in my favorite Moore documentary, Bowling for Columbine.

Either way, though I have regarded Moore in a more-less positive light since viewing this film, he isn’t the hero that I once held him to be. I can not say that his work has not done good, could not do good. But at the same time, if there is something that is not on the up and up . . . it be good to know.

On that note, lets begin.

There certainly is a lot to find. Moore has many fans, but he also has many detractors, with craziness abound on both sides. A challenge!
One of the first things we come across (a few hits after Moore’s own site) is Micheal More: EXPOSED! . Though I am unsure of the agenda or bias, it seems a good place to start.

One of the first things that sticks out is that Moore is allegedly not from Flint Michigan (as he has always claimed). The website claims he is from a place called Davison Michigan. To quote the page:

Davison is near Flint, but there the resemblance ends. Its median house value is twice that of Flint, which may explain why its black population is a miniscule 0.5%.

Unfortunately, the page does not cite sources for this information. Not a problem, however!

Wikipedia says that he was born in Flint, but raised in Davison. He owns at least one home in Davison, soon to be a museum of sorts (according to Moore, anyway).
This article however (dated February 10th, 2005) is more clear, however.

But Flint officials say Moore hasn’t put one penny of his millions back into his hometown. Maybe that’s because it’s not really his hometown.

“He ain’t even from Flint,” Britton said. “He was born and raised in Davison! He wasn’t even raised here in Flint.”

Davison is a white collar suburb 13 miles away.

While this quote is quite damning, its only one of many interesting new details. Stuff that safely calls into question pretty much all of his past work.


Having seen the film mentioned at the start of this piece (Micheal Moore Hates America), the following exert of the previous article is also unsurprising.

We wanted to know what Michael Moore had to say about all this. But e-mail, after e-mail requesting an interview, went unanswered.

So we did what Michael Moore would do, paying a visit to his $2 million lake house in Northern Michigan.

But Moore wasn’t there.

And a staff member who wouldn’t identify himself also wouldn’t tell us how to find Michael Moore.
He did take our card, and promised to pass it on to Moore or one of his assistants.

But the man who makes a living out of forcing the high and mighty to answer his questions wouldn’t answer ours. We never heard back from Michael Moore, or his staff.

The exact same thing he did to the makers of MMHA. Not only was he untraceable, he would not even CONSIDER sitting down and answering questions.

I know that it is fairly common to fake (or keep ambiguous) your origins once famous. Moore it seems, was no different. Albeit his reason seems to be the reverse of the typical. Rather than needing to be from somewhere affluent, his career trajectory required the opposite. And assuming the article cited is indeed correct, the very first move of his career was to use the city and people of Flint for his own ends and enrichment, then turn his back on the place (may I sell you my new documentary film idea called Micheal and me?).
That is, until a more recent tragedy brought the city back into the forefront of America’s (and really, the world’s) attention once more.



Nothing like a good tragedy to garner some virtue brownie points.

To conclude, its unfortunate.

As one of the most influential voices of the left wing, the man had potential of doing a lot of good. But as it stands, its hard not to see him as a fake. Playing a part. A part that he (it seems) decided to play upon the filming and release of his very first documentary. And a part that he continues to maintain to this very day.

Because standing up for the little man can be a goldmine if you play your cards right.

Though this last part may seem out of left field . . . Adam Carolla (of all people) was right.

The whole interview is good, but whats relevant starts at 3:55. It starts differently than you would expect, but keep listening.

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