American Veterans Deserve Better

The last time I broached this topic was back in early November , before both veterans day and the election. I was bothered and annoyed AGAIN by the veterans being used as a political football (mainly by the President Elect). In the case of Trump, it was so much more than that (flat out false support). But it seems that comes with the territory of the man.
We didn’t elect the OTHER candidate, because shes crooked Hillary. Despite the fact that pretty much every (false) allegation aimed her way, ended up being TRUE in the Trump context!

But how that turned out, is a matter of history at this point. And with word increasingly coming out that the Russian collision stuff is provable beyond the circumstantial . . . who the hell knows where this is going to end up.

Either way, I opened my blog Twitter feed tonight and happened on a whole set of Democratic tweets from earlier today. Hilary had one, Bernie had one, and Nancy Pelosi had a few. One of them (referencing veterans) I found quite irritating.

Which is why I decided to respond to it.

As I have said before, no matter what I think about the decisions made at every level (including the one to voluntarily enroll), there is injustice here. Those that choose to give themselves to their country (often times with drastic consequences) deserve the best.

What they do NOT deserve, is the fucking minefield and bureaucratic disaster that is the current state of American veterans affairs.  A system where extremely high risk people (in terms of mental illness) slip though the cracks. Often to volatile to re-assimilate back into ordinary life, many end up homeless, drug addicted, often dead. Be it at their own hand, or due to unfortunate consequence (eg. Overdose).

It makes me angry. And really, how can it not? There is no shortage of hawks looking for ANY excuse to justify more boots on the ground somewhere. And there is never EVER any problem finding money to bankroll these operations. Yet there seems to NEVER be even a pittance to put towards the recuperation and overall well being of those returning from these battles.
Only window dressing. And mentions from politicians and citizens alike when the context is right (“enough with the immigrants! What about our homeless / Veterans?!”).

And neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have done anything to fix this atrocious fucking disaster of a problem in the last 16 years. Both are equally culpable.

In my post in November, I said that I wished Hillary would run on fixing the VA (and then actually DO IT, of course). Despite this being an almost certain path to victory (imagine being the politician or party to stand AGAINST veterans!), she didn’t unfortunately. Trump had the troop cred. And even though it was a FUCKING joke, it likely had some part in his win.

Its time for one of the parties to grab this issue, and own it. I don’t give a shit if its the Democrats or the Republicans (or another 3ed party). I am an issues person. As such, I support those that align with my issues.
Its a winning strategy. I honestly do NOT know why someone has not already jumped on this bandwagon. To be against it, is to be against THE TROOPS. On permanent voting record.

It has to start from the bottom though. It has to start with us.

If you find yourself dismayed at the plight of the troops, you have recourse. Find out who your important DC politicians are and write them with your concerns. 2018 has a round of important elections. Perfect time to bring the issue up!
And when the leadership races and presidential run of  2020 comes around, again, make your voice heard. Make sure every candidate from the initial dozens, right down to the final 2, has the issue on their mind.

Its far from Americas only problem. But it is an excellent jumping off point (in terms of tackling other big ones) if there ever was one.

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