The Evil Of Man

Though I don’t engage in the world of religious debate nearly as much as I once did (by that standard, not at all really!), I still have strong feelings, though they are now more focused than they used to be. Although I have adopted a more or less live and let live philosophy, I have no tolerance for abusers of power. People that use their religious credentials to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting (or UNWILLING) flock. In fact, flock may not always be the best term. As in the story I am about to share, not all the victims of religious abuses necessarily have a choice in the matter.

A nun in Argentina is being accused of helping to cover up the sexual abuse of several priests, as was only revealed recently by a now teenage survive of the abuse. At a school for deaf children.

The quoted material following was written by David G. McAfee and published VIA The Friendly Atheist’s platform.

It’s not often that a story involving the Catholic Church and sexual assault shocks me, but this is one of them: a nun in Argentina is accused of helping several priests rape children at a school for the hearing impaired, and covering up their crimes.

I will stop here and say that, at this point, NOTHING (this included!) shocks me anymore, in terms of abuses ignored, condoned and practiced by church officials of all stripes. Maybe its because I know of so many cases of such evil that I have become desensitized to it. Maybe its because I know how power dynamics work in humans.

Either way, nothing surprises me anymore. The sooner we all accept that the only difference between a church member of ANY level and us is label, the better off the victims of the crimes of these opportunistic scumbags will be.

Investigators began looking into Kosaka Kumiko, who was reportedly charged Friday with physically abusing the kids and helping the priests sexually abuse them, after a 17-year-old girl said the nun covered up her sexual assault by forcing her to wear a diaper in class at age five to conceal bleeding. The five priests accused of assault were arrested last year.

For her part, Kumiko has denied the allegations.

I knew nothing of the abuses, I watched over the children… I’m innocent… I did not know about the abuses. I am a good person that has given my life to God.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial, and all such allegations like this need to be carefully considered.

But having said that . . . what a piece of work.

The police don’t go around arresting church officials for no reason. There has to be good reason to pull the trigger on that warrant (particularly in a place like Argentina, I would think). As for playing the god card . . . BIG SURPRISE!

Sorry lady . . . having seen the “I swear to god!” shtick used so many times by liars on shows like Dr Phil (I USED to watch it), it no longer works on me. If anything, it has the opposite affect.

Although this is a confusing case, one thing is clear: these children were hurt by their caretakers — those who allegedly gave themselves to a moral deity — and that is unacceptable, whether or not a nun was involved.

Religious organizations, and the Catholic Church specifically, have failed at preventing incidents like this from occurring and holding their representatives accountable when they do. This isn’t an isolated event.

Its why I call the Catholic church one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) organized crime organizations in the world.

Priests and nuns aren’t above the law, nor should they be above religious reproach. We need to ensure children are protected from people who will use the shield of religion to hide their despicable behavior and help them expose abuses to sunlight. If the Church won’t help, then the Church should be punished accordingly.



Does this type of thing happen because terrible people are drawn to positions of power within the Church, or is it a result of the faith itself and its dogmatic celibacy requirement for clergymen? I suppose we don’t know for sure, but I think we can all agree it needs to end.

Its an interesting thing to ponder. And I don’t think its as much a matter of either/or, as it is a mixture of many factors.

There is no doubt that the power of the priesthood is a draw for many. Its a position of almost infallible authority, ripe for exploitation by certain personality types. And I have no doubt that the celibacy requirement also feeds into this.  Particularly in the case of the churches everlasting nemesis, homosexual pedophilia. What other context in the world would one with such behavioral traits be so at home? None.
And what other organization in the world has done so much to remain a brick wall to the pursuit of justice of such crimes (pedophilia of any kind)? None.

Indeed, it needs to end. But that will only happen if religious organizations lose their infallible status. If officials refuse to make changes from within, than outside intervention should not be off the table.

If there is continued refusal of a given religious organization to comply with a given jurisdictions requests, how about revoking  its tax free status?
They are not respecting the land on which they are directly affecting in their operations, so why should they get our respect?


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