Things That Annoy Me – Part 15

72.) Performance Evaluations / Appraisals

If there is one part of typical jobs that has always annoyed me, it is this yearly bullshit session. The appraisal.

You sit down with your boss (whether they are likeable, tolerable or a downright fuck face) and you go through your work life. Everything you may or may not be doing. Every way that you may or may not be conforming to company policy. And of course, they dissect your general appearance. You are told how you are doing, but more importantly, what can be improved.

Personally, with all of these, I tune out. Because I just don’t give a shit. At present, I have a boss that is worthwhile. Someone that respects me and everyone else that he oversees. I return the gesture. But I still feel the same way about appraisals.

It is one thing in an ideal world, with competence at all levels. In fact, if people of intellect suited to their placement on the corporate ladder was a thing, I might feel very differently about these things. But as it stands, that is not generally the case. From the local boss to the suits in some far off boardroom, more often than not, you take your cues from some clueless hack with a high wage.  It might not make sense, or always even be executable outside the realm of on paper.

Even so, you better get it right, or so help you . . . you will not get a good appraisal! And if you don’t get a good appraisal, it will also more than likely be reflected in your pay. If not worse.
It does come off as the complaints of someone of whom more than likely gets shit grades in such situations, I admit. Which is unfortunate, since I tend to ace these things in almost every way. Time and again.

But I still hate the system. So long as my actions are being evaluated by some busy idiot that demands respect based solely on job title, I will not take it seriously. It might not be popular (or advancing) stance, but people earn my respect, PERIOD. I don’t give a fuck if you are a co-worker of seniority or the head of the organization. My respect is earned, not automatic.

* * *
On a slightly related note, is manager stress.

Managers telling their employee’s things like “It must be great for you guys to just come in, work your day, then go home. No stress”. As though I (or any other employee) should feel guilty about not wanting to do much beyond what is expected of them.

Yes, the buck stops at the manager, understandable. What doesn’t get done (or is neglected) has to be done by someone. Along with the duties that are entailed by being a manager . . . anywhere.

Having said that, however . . . cry me a river.

You made the choice to take on the responsibilities when you opted into the higher pay associated with the position. No one put a gun to your head. It was voluntary. While I don’t dismiss your stress, I also don’t feel guilty about someone else’s personal choice.

There is a reason why I never took any of my employers up on so called opportunities for advancement. I evaluated the situation in each case and realized that I didn’t want to deal with the bullshit. And looking back, in pretty much EVERY single case, my foresight was right.

A time may come where an upward advance feels like the right move. But until then, to those that do make that choice . . . piss off.


73.) Go Fuck Off

I really hate crowd funding sites.

I will admit that they have their good points. People afflicted by illness can sometimes use a helping hand. A hand not available even 5 years ago, but a hand that I now have no real problem with. And crowd funding can fund and help promote all manner of innovation that would otherwise go unnoticed or underfunded. Something that is critical in these scary days of booming population numbers and ecological instability.

Yet, as much as crowd funding is a savior, it is also a scourge.

Supporting innovations that more than likely have no future in reality (supporters and developers just often refuse to accept this truth). Enabling scam artists to easily make a small fortune. Or just enabling the entitled lazies to pawn personal responsibility off onto the rest of us.

Like the above campaign.

I don’t know the people involved. I do not know their financial situation. I do not even know of their youtube channel. But from reading the description, I can glean that they are not really in dire straights.
The old computer flunked out. So between eating, living in something other than a cardboard box, bills, and a new baby on the way, replacing the computer is out of the question (at least in the short term). Very inconvenient for a youtube creator. Particularly if they are earning any kind of revenue off of the material.

My reaction to that being . . . tough shit.

In life, we all have to find a way to make it all balance. Rob Peter to pay Paul if the need arises. And as for bringing a child into the equation . . . well, good for you for making the choice and commitment. But like I said to managers and supervisors previously . . . it was YOUR choice. There are financial consequences to children, one of which is not having as much disposable income to throw around. But that is YOUR problem, NOT mine (nor the rest of the worlds).

My old laptop conked out 2 years ago. It was highly inconvenient, being that I love to write and research things online. I got by with a smartphone and a tablet, but it was not at all the same. Shit happens, so you deal with it.
I now have a new machine with which to research and type to my heart’s content. A machine that I figured out that I could afford by putting money aside.

Each payday, $50 of my earnings goes into a savings account. There it sits, growing every 2 weeks (and earning a bit of interest to boot). Forming a nice little nest egg that allows some financial freedom in case of disaster or want.
As such, I never have to borrow money from people (not that I would anyway). In fact, I can even lend a helping hand should a friend ever need one. I have some options.

Now, I know that not everyone has $50 bucks to put aside each week. But most of us have something. My bank recommended $25 a week when I opened the TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account. It’s a Canadian thing), but I upped the amount since it speeds up the process. But even $5 or $10 is better than nothing.

You see. I do not criticize just for the sake of crapping on so called e-beggers. I criticize because the solution to the money problem is often available to us all. You just need to be patient.

When the generous are more responsible for their donations, and the receivers are more responsible for their own well being, real charities benefiting often FAR MORE IMPORTANT causes do not have to get the short end of the stick.

74.) Democrats

This is what you are up against (barring circumstances don’t change in the next 3 years). THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST. A fool.

But at this rate, you guys once again will be run over like fools.

I am not always a fan of Kyle Kulinski (host of daily podcast Secular Talk). But his absolute anger and disillusion towards the Democrats are well placed. By failing to mount a legitimate opposition run against the clown show that is the GOP, they are letting down the citizens of the United States of which they are supposed to be serving. And by extension, the citizens of the world (since actions of some nations have consequences for us all. Like climate inaction).

I hope the Justice Democrats run them pricks right the fuck out of Washington once and for all (even if that is almost a pipe dream, at this point in time).

75.) Individualist Sheep

They are everywhere. They go by a wide variety of names. They think they are witty and clever. But they bore me.

Self-critique and evaluation is ALL the rage these days. Almost everyone is wrong, and no one is beyond reproach. That is the general rule anyway. Until you take up the offer anyway.

If you do take the challenge, expect to be diagnosed, regarded as such, and flooded by a sea of rational buzzwords.
Logic. Rational. Reason. Nuance. All of those things that are obvious but for when they come from the horse’s mouth.

There was a time when I enjoyed being the opposition, the contrarian. But I am not a teenager anymore. And all of this prescribed individuality that permeates the fringes of social media isn’t exciting or engaging. It’s just boring. And oh so disappointing.

Why are people so disappointing?

How do the formerly wise become so painfully ordinary?

Am I the moron?

Am I but an island in a vast sea?

Am I delusional?

How would I know?

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