In A Time Of Mourning, Don’t Be A Dick

One of the first things that jumped out at me with this (even before reading the comments) were the reactions. Some were rightfully sad. But the laugh one was most noticeable.

I know that he is a Fox News host. I am unfamiliar with him overall (though judging by the reaction, he must have fit right in at the network). It looks like he lost his son to a terrible turn of fate that could really impact almost any parent . . . his son died of a drug overdose. Street pills laced with fentanyl ended up killing the kid, who unfortunately was alone in his apartment when taking the tablets.

This could happen to someone I know. This could happen to someone you know. Hence, this is not a time to pull the karma card. Sure, you can. But it just makes you an asshole, no better than anyone on the right that would do something similar should the same fate befall any prominent leftist figure.

If anything, this is a great time to start a conversation about the insane culture that surrounds drug enforcement in the United States. We knew it was inefficient and ineffective before. But cases like this prove that this status quo is also dangerous.

Instead of spitting in the face of the grieving, show some compassion.

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