The Silent Wall

Yesterday, I made a decision that was arguably years in the making. I decided to go silent on Facebook for at least a little while by way of deactivating my profile. Something that is a big deal for someone using the site on a pretty much daily basis for literally years now. I remember using the site even before i had broadband installed in my apartment. And that was 12 years ago.


No, it’s not related to any of the Russia stuff, Cambridge Analytica or the like. Nor is it the algorithms (I seen that problem coming years ago, as explored in a post somewhere on this blog).  And it has nothing to do with going low key with my data to hide from prying eyes. The NSA and other organizations already likely have access to every kilobyte I have ever transmitted online on a multi-terabyte sized server somewhere.
If I worry about anyone, it’s hackers. And I keep them at bay the best I can by trying to be a smart online user. In short, Firewall, strong passwords, and 2-factor authentification.
But even this is sometimes not enough if large data harvesting organizations such as Equifax or major retailers are either cavalier or arrogant in terms of their data protection schemes.

Mr. Robot is not as far off as one would imagine or hope.

Either way, if not all that, why did I shut it down?

In a word, a feed of sewage. Though it was arguably built by me in terms of my past interactions (both topics and people), there comes a point when the bullshit is just too much. Both from the gullible fools I would expect, but also from people that I would have thought would know better. A small sample of events I’ve seen in the past few days alone:

– idiotic pro-gun arguments

– idiotic rebuttals to the Stoneman Douglas kids

– Enough Justin Trudeau memes to rival the Conservative Party of Canada’s Twitter account

– Warnings about the disadvantages of sharia law and other anti-immigration nonsense

– All manner of other stupid shit including “This guy took the last shopping cart at Walmart, so I’m making him infamous on Facebook!”

I even found myself almost coming to the defense of adult babies at one point. In short, it’s a fetish where some adults like to dress as and be, babies, engaging in various related activities. It’s odd indeed, but some people also like golden showers. As long as their not pissing on me or in my bed, what do I care?

I mean, REALLY . . .

Full disclosure, the gun stuff was partly on account to me kicking off the debate on my wall. Though I am not anti-gun per say, it seems that many gun owners view many credible forms of gun control as being essentially the same thing. Such is the way of people.

Either way, I am not sure how long this will last. But this page is both a marker of day one to reflect on and a recommendation for the rest of you. Try it. If you’re worried about messenger and contacts, you won’t lose them and the service is independent of Facebook. You can use it with a deactivated account.

We can all use a break.


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