Things That Annoy Me – Part 17

81.) Critical Thinking

A hit and a miss. Better luck next time!

82.) Baby Boomers

For many years, millennials annoyed me.  Looking back, all the way to high school really. I didn’t know the name of the generation (MY generation) at the time, but I knew that they annoyed me. If I recall, it was mostly the conformity and cluelessness that bugged me.
As I transitioned into the world of working and employment, it was the laziness and immaturity that got me. It seemed that I was always cleaning up or fixing the issues of some inept youngin.

And then I pulled my head out of my ass.

To be fair, I wasn’t entirely wrong. When it comes to the assumptions of my teens, we can dismiss those. It was also a time when I thought that everyone who did drugs was bad people. A false notion that adulthood experience quickly smashed.
And I have (and DO) spend a whole lot f time cleaning up the messes of others. But not just the young. Much like stupid or irrationally biased people (racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever), lazy workers come in all forms.

A big part of it came early in my career, at my very first fast food job.  One manager, in particular, was always pushing you to think ahead. If you finish this task, then what is the next step.
Another manager had EXTREMELY high cleaning standards, and I SWEAR stopped just short of inspecting the dining room and the washrooms with a magnifying glass. Cleaning for him was annoying as hell because there was always something. Until there was nothing one time, to my surprise.
Another aspect of this story is my brain. Even before being turned onto philosophy and otherwise sampling the world of academia from the outside, I have had a strong sense of logic and an annoying inability to just close my eyes and leave it be. It’s helped me come to realizations about atheism, my former flair. But it has also made life difficult to navigate in the real world.

From a productivity perspective, this tends to be good for whatever faceless entity happens to be profiting from the fruits of my labor. When in an assinine environment, short of the idiocy being put right in your face, I’ve generally learned that keeping yourself occupied helps.
Spending the majority of life engaging in pointless work is a cross of its own to bear. Add in boredom, and you soon find yourself amplifying whatever macro emotion is present. Almost certainly frustration, but sometimes depression. Though that also tends to swing towards frustration as well.
And so, I try and keep busy. Keep occupied. Attempt to keep the ignorant idiocy of the machine at bay by, doing something.

From a young age, young people tended to annoy me. Given some time, this seems a somewhat unfair comparison being that I have always been apart from them. Not above them, just on a different path than much of the status quo. I am not brilliant or outstanding in comparison. I am just, different in many ways. Rather than a benchmark for all to measure up to, I am just another fish in the sea.

Which begs the question, where did this attitude come from?

Certainly, false bravado and anecdotal life experience played no small part (neither of which I was cogent enough of to realize for most of my life). None the less, it would be foolish to deny that the culture in which we live, with its saturation of contempt towards the young and rebellious, didn’t have any influence. Even if it just boiled down to me unknowingly committing Argumentum Ad Populum, influences are influences.

Which brings us to the subject of this annoyance and the main purveyors of this bias towards the young. The Baby boomers.

Generally speaking, I can think of no cohort that wields more control and influence in pretty much every area of both the private and public sectors. No cohort comes close to the entitlement behaviors as displayed by this generation (though, they love projecting this onto the millennials). Nor does any cohort come anywhere even NEAR the fragility of this generations collective emotional psyche. Dare I say once more that Donald Trump is not an exception, he is a mirror.

Life is, and so far always has been, based on a trajectory set by the baby boomers. It is a trajectory and destructive existence that threatens our very survival as a / the conscious and sentient species. But it is a trajectory that we are so far sticking to because there is still power and profit to be retained by this cohort.
To put it simply, the young being sacrificed for the comfort and spoils of the old.

This is what I think when I hear willfully downtrodden yet otherwise able-bodied white men ask questions like “What has this government ever done for me?!”. This is what I think of when I have to dutifully execute some idiotic task as designated by some empty vessel in a position over me, in any employment environment. This is what I think of when I look at almost any political conversation in any nation. And this is what I think of when I see attacks, smearing, and eventually flat-out frustration aimed at a bunch of Florida teens (and an ever-growing audience) that no longer feels obligated to swallow the same old bullshit.

In fact, much ado is commonly made because of younger generations in a sense, not swallowing the shit that appeased their parents. Think of the ever-growing list of Millenials are killing ______ items that even legitimate publications can’t resist mirroring. Such lists are amusing to me because they generally boil down to the mediocre, the unaffordable, and the obsolete.

My generation is killing the landline because we carry around this little portable device that serves the same purpose, and then some. The landline is our telegraph.
Millenials are killing cable TV because many have embraced a new platform that is both far easier on the personal time budget AND the pocketbook. Even 5 seconds spent skipping advertisements on a signal that you already paid for is 5 seconds you won’t get back.
Millenials are killing all manner of mediocre restaurant chains, beers and all manner of fodder that I like to call boomer pablum. This likely due to the young having different tastes to the old, or just not having the same disposable income that their parents had.

And millennials are killing home ownership because . . . who the fuck can afford a home these days?!

One of my relations (guess which generation they are a part of!) managed to purchase a home with his career and kept it even after unfortunate circumstances brought an end to that career a decade before their set retirement. Despite other setbacks, they still had a personal piece of property to call their own. But due to their choice in embracing self-pity over everything else (including taking even a LITTLE responsibility for their own actions), that home was squandered. What was a fixer-upper some 25 years ago, is now essentially trash. Just a future plot of land to build another 4 plex.

Bill Maher once remarked on his show that the only acceptable form of discrimination left in the public sphere is ageism. Hillarious, coming from someone that it seems can’t go 2 episodes without saying something stupid about millennials. Either way, if such is the case, then I suppose that I am guilty as charged. An agist asshole.

What can I say . . . I can’t help myself.

The very well that we all need to drink from, is permanently polluted with your piss.


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