Pronouns – (Contrapoints)

I wish I was as smooth as Natalie (aka Contrapoints) in the real world realms. Thus, even though I have grown a storng distaste for nobodies using popular Youtube channels to educate the masses to some wrongful or unnuanced interpretation of reality,  Contra is worth the time spent.

In this video, she is exploring the seemingly slippery and dangerous world that is gender pronouns. Seemingly is the key word here. Jordon Peterson grew his online career based on the dangerous aspect (BILL C16! ARRESTS FOR NOT USING THE RIGHT PRONOUNS!), despite the fact that the number of people affected by this law (after a year) is zero. Which is quite the milestone, considering the ignorance displayed by people I knew within my localized area. Let alone those with ignorant views that utilize social media with fully public settings.

As for slippery, Contra also adresses that one nicly by simply pointing out that the arguments against gender pronouns are less based on scinece than they are on misinterpretation of launguage. Even though logic dictates in most circumstances that this is the label (eg. she for a transitioned M2F), it’s not considered scientificly proper. Despite most of these arguments eventually boiling down to sementics, anyway.

Give the video a watch. And take a gander at some of her past material, as well. Even if you already know the knowledge, no one does it quite like her. You may even learn something.

Since i’m here, I may as well give my 2 cents on the subject of pronouns.

In a nutshell . . . I don’t give a shit. As even Ben Shapiro brilliantly proved in a slip up in his Rogan interview, such would be a full time occupation in itself. And even though it is for Ben Shapiro, he STILL off handedly called a transition M2F actor she, quickly having to fix his error. Whoopsie!

I don’t care if a trans women (or women, it seems) uses the same bathroom that I do. I can’t say that I won’t be a bit taken aback at first (it dosen’t happen often. At least where I live), but when I come to my senses, it’s on with my day. We both have things to do, tasks to achieve.


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