A Dream – Edition 5

Time for another entry into a category I haven’t touched for years now. Partly because in recent years, I rarely remember dreams. But also because even when I experience this increasingly rare treat, its often nothing much to talk about, or deeply personal in a number of ways.

But last night, delivered. Cut to dreamland. . .

The context is walking around my city but in its dreamland state. It’s familiar and recognizable, yet completely NOT.

I don’t recall exactly what was happening the whole time, but I recall walking the streets of my city. Some kind of public event was happening, so many other people were around. Then a guy hands me a pill and says something along the lines of “Take this”. I quickly throw it on the ground and say “hell no!”, and run.

Or, I try to run.

I end up falling on the ground, realizing I got poisoned by fentanyl. At this point, I see an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen for a long time and start begging for help. But no matter what I did, he ignored me. Seemingly unaware i was right there.

At that point dream self said “I don’t want to die!”, and poof . . . I woke up.

Generally, when i share a dream , it’s because it’s occurrence was quite. . . unexpected. My resting mind spitting out some VERY odd interpretation of old and new information stored therein. Not so this time, though.

I know exactly the source of this manifestation. Conversations about drug use and legalization I had with 2 different parties, both on separate occasions. My view essentially being that life is often shitty for many people, so don’t judge them for how they deal with this reality. Even if some may go a bit overboard and run into issues.

We’re all human, after all.

Needless to say, that went about as well as you likely assumed it would have. As usual, I am WAY ahead of the curve. And people haven’t caught up yet.

But my main reason for sharing this was honestly, the end of the dream.

It brought back to me an interview of mothers that lost children to drug overdoses. Mother’s that had now embraced full drug legalization. A stance that was reached after the realization that the current stigmatic status quo of drug usage is killing people. Because of people either taking drugs in isolation, or with people that fear helping the victim due to possible prosecution.

While I’ve never touched anything beyond the now legalized green herb (and even that was years ago), the end of the dream was weirdly. . . reminiscent. Particularly my parting words . . . ” I don’t want to die!”.

Which is why it lives on here. As a reminder of why I do what I do.

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