Rebels Of A New Era

This is a short piece, compared to most of my other backlog. But its a thought I have to get off the membrane.

When did the conservatives become the modern day rebels?

Though its been happening for at least 2 to 3 years now, it just occurred to me after this blatant demonstration. When did rebel become the siren song of the status quo?

In Canada, we have the rebel media. Replacement to Sun news, the Canadian Fox News clone that collapsed under its own nonperformance. Therefore, its unsurprising that many of Suns big names now have a home on rebel. With all of the free speech allowed on the medium!

Gotta love no consequences.

On that note, free speech. This has to be the root of all of these clones of policies of the last decade and beyond, who now think they are the Rise Against’s or Rage Against The Machine’s of now. The world is slipping more and more towards a new paradigm antithetical to my own self interests, so I am now the new rebel.

Fuck off.

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