Spring Cleaning

First of all, I want to thank anyone and everyone for following this blog.

For years now, this blog (and really, the identity behind it) was a bit . . . scattered. Way back in early 2013 when I first embarked on this journey, I called myself MB Man. This was in reference to what I thought to be my ongoing writing topic (life in Southern Manitoba). As it turned out, however, I didn’t end up following that trajectory.

As in most places like it, there turned out to be far more interesting issues to tackle (be it personal or macro) outside of the rather benign topics of my local existence. However, being that the identity (if you want to call it that) was already created (MB Man), I just ran with it. I eventually tried to rename this blog (and the corresponding Twitter account) to The Thought Zone in an attempt to get away from this. But even so, it still never felt right.

Which brings us to today.

Feeling that my theme choice was rather whitewashed and boring (not to mention unfitting to the material), I decided to try something new. And in searching for a set of photos to go with the tone that I wanted to convey, I stumbled into my new identity.

A Raindrop In The Ocean. And on Twitter, Raindrop_Blog .

Washed away are all but the faintest remains of the original identity of this blog.

I never wanted to make a splash with this blog. Though I have at times generated a fair bit of clicks on account to my topic of choice, it has never been the goal. This space has always been, a digital notepad of sorts. A place to lay down and explore different ideas and thoughts that run through my mind.

In its current form, it represents a vast collection of personal exploration in all manner of areas (both at the personal and societal level). It also represents somewhat of a growth curve (I am not the same person I was even back in 2014/2015). But in the grand scheme that is the internet (or even, WordPress) it is just the musings of one soul.

A Raindrop In The Ocean.

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