Rememberance In The Era Of Uncertainty

Writing something on this so-called day of remembrance has come to be somewhat of a tradition of mine since creating this blog. However, this time around, I really don’t have all that much new to say. I said all I had to say last year.

Will I have more to talk about aside from cautionary advice next year? Maybe.

It’s election time. Canada had it’s round, and Canada only barely emerged unscathed. Let’s see how our American counterparts drive the ship.

A Raindrop In The Ocean


That time of year has come around, once more. When we honor the souls who made the ultimate sacrifice, affording us the lives we currently take wholly for granted. And so it goes. Like the poppies growing row upon row, we follow the script year after year. Go through the same ceremonies and pageantries, followed by a whole lot of nothing. Well, at least until next year.

Speaking of traditions, even I have developed a remembrance day tradition of my own. Since debuting this blog onto the net back in early 2013 (just after my second foray into twitter the month previous), I have had a remembrance day related post for every single year.







These posts vary in substance, from my gripes and complaints about this day in the context of my life and work to fairly long-form explanations of my views on wearing…

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