Things That Annoy Me – Part 20

It’s been a while since I last put out an entry in this re-occurring segment of this blog, so here goes.

92.) Athletes Are “Not Needed By Anyone”


a.) Bullshit.

A good chunk of the first part of the pandemic has been dominated by millions of sports fans trying to figure out what to do with themselves without their chosen form of athletic pablum. I covered it in a post earlier this year. Well, I also went in a different direction with that one, but I actually felt bad for many of these people for a while. Conditioned and regimented by a lifestyle of regimented routine and consumption for a lifetime, then told that they could no longer engage in such activities in the span of a day.

I felt kind of bad for them. Victims of a system that thrives by beating the creative instincts out of all but the strongest willed persons. Because you don’t need original thoughts or creative instincts to run a machine, or do manual labour. You don’t need to worry about keeping the mind occupied with sports, movies and all other manor of distractions galore.
Well, unless there is a catastrophic event that tips this entire status quo on its head.

Fortunately, the pandemic is a temporary aspect of life which will eventually be in the rearview. Whilst the jobs that people so desperately miss (despite many not liking them to begin with!) will be around for a little while longer, many will go away. Though there will be sports and Hollywood distractions, all the pop culture in the world won’t keep a population that was conditioned into the virtues of hard work from running amuck when they find themselves made permanently obsolete.

There I go again . . .

How things have changed in under 4 months. We have gone from missing the games we love in all their often CTE inducing glory, to “Why THE FUCK are Athletes considered to be so important?! What do that contribute to society at large!! They are not DOCTORS!! I don’t NEED them!!”.

Okay. If such activities are truly unimportant, its time for some long-awaited changes.

I hereby recommend the permanent ban of all sports which have proven but ignored negative affects to their player’s continued overall health and wellness over time. This includes football, hockey, wrestling. MMA and any other quit literally mind-altering organized sporting event. After all, we’re not ancient Rome!
In the name of Unity (why did I capitalize that?! I’m not Cannonical!), I also declare that all remaining sports enterprises that operate in a North America centred fashion shall open themselves up to the competition on a worldwide scale. Those that refuse shall be abolished.

And speaking of things to abolish, it is time for the Olympics to go.

Whilst it gives a small handful of athletes worldwide a chance at international glory (and a front-row seat to much debauchery. May as well just change the Olympic logo to that of 5 condoms!), the value is neither worth the cost to each of us monetarily, nor is it worth the natural resources expended in making all this happen. Not to mention how the Olympics tends to serve as an indicator of troubled economic waters ahead. Not unlike the completion of skyscrapers.

It’s time for this international orgy of spending to come to an end.

Either way, it’s amazing how quickly fans turn on sports teams when their players decide to take a stand against injustice in the world.

Remember athletes, your place is not in defending fellow human beings against racial inequalities. Your place is on the court, helping me to forget how much I detest how my life has turned out! Or in the case of 2020, helping me forget that it’s 2020!

Well, I ain’t payin you so well to sit on the sidelines! Dance for me, peasants!

We all know what you are saying between the lines.


93.) People Citing 1984 In The Context Of Real Life

It has been a very long time since the last time I have heard terms like INGSOC, Newspeak (as opposed to old speak aka modern English) or Big Brother used in the context of real life. I suspect this being on account to my decision to cut off (in terms of social media) the main source of that type of speech.

This person is a former co-worker of mine (and now a former friend, unfortunately) who applied all of the traits of The Party to radical feminism and overall viewed the power structure (something that he called the femtriarchy) as being female-dominated instead of male-dominated. Having watched The Red Pill and coming quite close to drinking that Koolaid myself, I understand the appeal. Particularly for males that are not in an optimal spot financially, males that have been through a divorce or abusive relationship with a female partner, or even both. I need to look no closer than some of the people in my own orbit to pick out several anecdotes that would seem to prove this hypothesis of Cassie Jaye and others.

Fortunately, the wisdom of the philosopher-kings eventually allowed me to become aware of the problems imposed by the bias of anecdotes. Really, of the problems imposed by personal bias and bias imposed by black box social media algorithms. Not to mention the extremely toxic turn that this entire area of conversation seems to have taken in the last few years.

Time to ruffle some feathers.

*sips beer*

Okay . . .

I am NOT saying that The Red Pill, Cassie Jaye, or any other contributors of the Men’s Rights Movement directly had a hand in what metastasized in what we now know as the Incel movement. The Red Pill would never have had the effect that it almost had on me if there was no problem to be had. I don’t know what is driving males into these dangerous and self-destructive cycles, but there is OBVIOUSLY something wrong there. Whilst MRA’s may well have a part helping to identify these characteristics leading to incel-dom (it just stands to reason . . . most other people simply view them through a lens of mockery or contempt), the answer is not in demonizing females. Nor is the answer in misreading statistics into a reality that doesn’t exist.

I know . . . “Spoken like a true sycophant of The Party!”

Interestingly, though I have heard about it (and heard the references!) for my entire life, I have never read 1984 until now. I read Animal Farm sometime in my school days, and that one is still my favourite of Orwells 2 most famous works. In this context, it’s amusing that I once used that book in the context of real life. I once had 2 extremely herd working co-workers that I equated to Boxer.

They ought to be careful cause if they get injured, it’s off to the glue factory!

* * *

When it comes to how my old friend used 1984 in the context of his delusions . . . at least he had his focus correct. Though I questioned how Justin Trudeau and SJW’s were somehow pulling all the strings behind the scenes in the femtriarchy as he coined it, I don’t doubt that he understood the book he was quoting. Though I get that femtriarchy was likely to highlight the role of feminism in this conspiracy, the word Matriarchy would have sufficed. 

Either way, such use of 1984 is fairly uncommon.

If you live in a society like the United Kingdom, China or any other location where one’s movements outside the confines of their home are moderately to closely monitored (be they by surveillance cameras or internet activity tracking!), the comparison is not all that far off. If we’re talking about Social media, online tracking or otherwise, however . . . that is a different animal altogether. Potentially a far scarier animal since you have no idea how this information being hoovered up by corporate data minors is going to be used.

Consider services that utilize DNA as a means of retrieving one’s family history. Though such services were harvesting consumer DNA into ever-growing databases long before any obvious downside appeared, I was always apprehensive to give a corporation such a valuable part of myself. Even if there was no market or obvious use for such information back then, banking on that in this constantly evolving world seemed delusional.

And sure enough . . . enter the court orders. Though many DNA harvesting companies are actively fighting law enforcements attempt at gaining open access to their massive databases (the Apple Approach), the whole of the process is still very murky.

Fine. . . this is a very pedantic argument for someone that isn’t even particularly fond of these works of George Orwell. If 1984 is anything, it is long-winded. Whilst one can use the short attention span of the average millennial to explain away this critique, I’m sure I’m not the only one that had trouble keeping pace with some events of the first chapter. Now we’re here, now we’re there, now we’re sleeping, now it’s time for the 5 minutes of hate and uncontrolled screeching . . . WHAT?!

Don’t be annoying. Find some other cultural reference indicator than one that history rendered obsolete some 75 years ago.

Note: NOT the Matrix!

I’ve about had my fill of every sexist, racist, xenophobic or otherwise nuance crippled dipshit with a crackpot theory ruining that cultural reference for the rest of us.

Here is a red pill for you . . . THE SPECIES IS FUCKED!



94.) Cancel Culture Meets Cancel Culture / Conservatives

Here we have the story of the era. Poor, disgruntled and silenced conservatives using a tool that they supposedly despise when the opportunity of advancing their narrative shows itself. The names differ, but the pablum is the same.

It is always amusing to see the most well-funded side of the political spectrum bitch and moan about this, again and again. Whilst online personal freedoms and privacy are being eroded both directly and indirectly by things like EARN IT and POTUS Cheeto proclamations, this audience continues to demonstrate that the only speech that they care about is their own. The unfretted ability to tweet unadulterated bullshit as freely as the whisky flows in the Tennessee hills.

It’s all a banquet of bullshit. And I can’t wait until the zoomers vote in high enough numbers to finally kick these self-absorbed sacks of dung out to the curb where they rightfully belong. I just hope that they don’t put us on an irrecoverable path to an extinction event before that wonderful day.  


95.) Reefer Madness

The folks running the show at Hazelden Betty Ford understand drugs and alcohol. Ask the many people who’ve recovered in their care. The folks running the show at Hazelden Betty Ford research drugs and alcohol. Ask the many people who’ve written using their data.

The other day, that international outfit released one of its reports about marijuana–more precisely, driving under the influence of it. While public shaming and education efforts have led to a decrease in drunk driving over the years, driving while high is on the rise, dude.

I haven’t actually checked (because I don’t really give a shit), but I could almost certainly hazard that we are dealing with a boomer here. Partly based around the fact that the author fails to register “shaming and education efforts have led to a decrease in drunk driving over the yearsand “driving while high is on the rise“.

1.) Increasingly legalized marijuana has not been a norm for years yet at this point, so you are comparing apples to oranges.


2.) A certain segment of the population has always been driving high, long before legalization finally came on the horizon in the mid-2010s. That you didn’t feel the need to worry about this back then makes you look like just another reactionary idiot without any knowledge of what you are talking about. Well, that is aside from what the self-labelled faux-experts have to say about the subject.

” , dude.”

Quintisential Boomer, here.

I am over debunking these narrow-minded dipshits. Get your shit together and stop supporting an antiquated and racially driven policy that has never helped a single person and has cost us all so much (in every way that one can measure).


96.) “Do Your Own Research And Come To Your Own Conclusions”

Please don’t do this. The world does not need any more Tom Grants harassing Cortney Love’s that just want to move on. Nor does the world need more Sandy Hook deniers harassing that segment of victims of American exceptionalism gone horribly wrong.

The world is filled with hard to comprehend problems based around a vacuum of information. Not everything can be explained away. It’s not always an easy reality to accept, but frankly, it is what it is.


97.) #BANBOOMERS From Facebook! Mandated Media Literacy Training Before Re-entry To Social Media!

Fine . . . considering that I just did my own retraction of a bad take on the Naive American situation, I’m skating on a thin layer of ice here. But still . . .

Indian residential schools were a thing in Canada right up until 1996. I was alive at the time and had just entered the school not long before. That I was alive during this time makes this argument truly idiotic.

But of course, they are not talking about that. They are just sick of having white privilege thrown in their faces all the time. Because it’s illegal, because it’s long in the past, and because . . . OBAMA!

Oh yeah . . . wrong country.

I used to make this argument. I also used to think I was arguing from a place of perfectly rational footing. But then, I read stuff.

I didn’t just read about this stuff, either. I began to pick up on the various unchallenged ways in which those around me (and at times, myself) reacted to different kinds of people. Am I having this reaction because the person truly looks suspect in the hoody, or is there another reason?

While every argument has it’s fringe elements, I suspect that most Native Americans have accepted that the whole “give us our land!” mantra is a non-starter. But I don’t speak for them.


98.) Minimalists

If you asked someone to sum up their style in just a few words, “modern-bohemian” or “contemporary-organic” sound like suitable answers. But “minimalist”?

Frankly, all of the aforementioned terms are pretentious.

If someone were to ask me what my decoration philosophy was, I would likely reply either “Ikea-charcoal” (since most of my furniture is black, and much of it started in an Ikea box), “Naturally Spiritual” (I have 4 dreamcatchers on the wall which go well with the brown panelling, which goes with the wood and particleboard of the Ikea), or “Fuck if I know!”.

In much the same way that people who lacked the experience of getting laid regularly never used to have a label, nor did people that don’t like to have clutter around them have a term. Nor do they need another term short of “organized”.

Enough with the douchiness.


99.) People Calling Me On The Phone

Typing this could not help but garner a chuckle on account to Weird Al’s lyrical list as dropped in mid-2014. 

But seriously, peoples, don’t call me.

When my phone rings, it’s a bit like a salesman ceaselessly knocking on my door whilst I tear my eyes open and force on a pair of knickers in an attempt at seeing what the problem is that needs my attention so badly. Like the rest of the world with enough privilege to own a cell-phone, I have call display. I know you called, I will get back to you if I care enough. Feel free to leave a message if it’s that important. 

Further telephone ground rules:

1.) One call is all that is necessary.

One call blaring a ringtone in my ears is bad enough when I hands deep in dishwater is bad enough. A follow call ensures that I will be bordering on throwing a dish at you next I see you. LET ME LISTEN TO MY PODCAST IN PEACE!

Once we start getting into phone calls number 3 and 4 in 1-day, now I am livid and in NO WAY want to talk to you.

2.) Just because I have a landline does not mean you should call it if I don’t answer my cellphone. I have a landline because I don’t live alone.

a.) There is about a 50 percent chance that I won’t be home when you call. Thus, calling my landline as a means to get me is dumb.


b.) Remember how annoyed I got with more than 1 phonecall ratcheting my attention away from what I was doing and onto whatever the fuck you wanted me to care about? The same applies here.

I don’t care that you are a boomer that has always carried themselves as though you are the most important jerkoff that has ever set foot on this earth, OR that you are my family . . . you are testing my patients. Get THE FUCK out of my space.


If I see you in person at least once a month, I shouldn’t need to find a 30 to 75 minute block of my week just to make a phone call asking a simple question.

100.) Youtube Bullshit

I didn’t have a problem with the Carlin video, so WHY IS THIS ONE DOING THAT ?!

It’s all bullshit, I tell ya.

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