We Remember – Or So We Say 

The Year has changed, but my sentiments have not.

A Raindrop In The Ocean

It is that time of year again.

It seems like the year has flown by, really. But I suppose that is a good thing, in a way. By all accounts, 2016 was not a good year, personally (in many ways) or on a more grand and  societal scale.

One thing that occurred to me in the last weeks of October, was the American election. We’re fast approaching Veterans day Remembrance day (depending on your side of the border). But this election would seem to cast a shadow over that day (and it’s May counterpart, memorial day).

It’s safe to say that when it comes to veterans affairs, few in American politics have proven capable of doing much more than creating wind on the subject. But this campaigns Republican nominee takes it to a WHOLE new level. It’s not just actions not matching words (not even considering the whole Kahn fiasco!)…

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