As I browsed some of the oldest entries in my back catalogue, I came to this relic. Though the tone of it makes it feel 25 or more years old, it was actually born in April of 2013. A product of the early 2010s, composed 4ish years out from the end of Bush Jr’s final term.

The title is expectations, and it is more or less about how people voted in a demigod in Obama with expectations of miracles, but instead only got a great many flawed half measures of a human being. This is not to say that he does not have a positive legacy, because that isn’t true.

His legacy can be found in 1 word. Obamacare. It’s not single-payer, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

Since we are talking about high expectations on the eve of a newly minted Biden/Harris term (well, assuming POTUS Cheeto & friends don’t succeed in what they accuse Biden of doing. Stealing the election!) I need to clarify a bit. Even though Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look the part of patron saints compared to the dung stain that currently inhabits the oval office, my expectations of them are hardly high. He’s a deligating, knowledge-seeking breath of fresh air to the Tweeting snowflake that is POTUS 45. But he’s still a career Democratic politician.

Something which I find both disheartening (as a fan of Bernie), and somewhat sobering. Like the rest of the privileged politicians and leaders of the party (not to mention the many external firms that take DNC/DCCC/ect cash), I don’t know if he truly is capable of seeing the era we have entered as different than the ones we have exited.

In the very late 2000s and the early 2010s, I began to hear from my American counterparts about their fears about their system. Though it’s all been culminating for at least 3 decades with many factors acting as fuses, they laid out fears of essentially Christian Coup D’etat. I had come across this in a few places (including a few Christopher Hedges articles). Though they deeply unsettled me (Hedges has that effect on the naive reader), I had trouble picturing what that looked like.

Then 2015 rolls around, with everyone’s favourite vanity candidate. Oh, look, Donald is running for president again . . . whats this photo op for?
Wait . . . it’s NOT a photo op? Yeah right!

I recall watching a TYT clip at the time which had Cenk Uygur commenting “you know, he COULD WIN” (I don’t recall the context). Sometime in the summer months, I recall Micheal Moore calling it. Far more connected to the inner part of the US than the rest of us, he saw what everyone else (including the DNC) didn’t.
So begun the decade from hell. Well, the 4 years from hell. It certainly doesn’t feel like 4 years.

Either way, as much as Trump has been a dangerous and deadly president in every way imaginable, one of his saving graces is in his stupidity. Though I’ve learned not to take ANYTHING for granted anymore, I would be VERY surprised if Trump & friends could Coup D’etat their way into remaining in control of a Wendys.

Which is what makes him even more dangerous. He is seemingly too stupid NOT to pull the rug out from under himself at practically any opportunity. But he has laid the groundwork for something far worse.

The candidacy I worry about coming from the Republicans will likely not occur in 2024, though I could be wrong. I’m starting to worry about 2028, 2032, maybe beyond.
This candidate will embody all of the authoritarianism and fascism that Trump does, but with a brain. An intellect to know how to weasel into the back rooms of power without catching the attention of the sleeping populace. A candidate that will utilize the phenomenon of Trumpism far better than the man in the name could.
It’s part of the reason why I hate that description. It makes Trumpism seem like a problem that can be solved by booting Cheeto to the curb. Even though he is merely a figurehead for something much bigger. For a similar example on the positive side of the spectrum, look no further than Bernie Sanders.

There is hope. If the Democrats want to have a hope in hell of turning this course, they NEED to prove themselves a viable alternative in the coming years. Though COVID 19 and student loan relief will make for a great start, there must be more in it for the average person. Whether it is kick-starting a set of referendums for single-payer healthcare or beginning a general UBI program for all citizens (preferably all with Biden’s signature, since that would be hilarious), the action needs to be bold. For ideas, look no further than Bernie and the squad.

To end this addon, it is not the Coup D’etat attempt of today that worries me. The one that worries me is the one that will occur down the road. When people least expect it, after a few more years of seeming normalcy.

A Raindrop In The Ocean


Yesterday before work, I found myself watching “Church of the Rock”, a televised church service out of Winnipeg. Which is odd, because as an atheist, I do not watch such things (the DVR was on that channel due to a recording the night before). And so I was about to change the channel when I looked into the topic the pastor was discussing, which was, expectations.

The main idea being, those with the biggest expectations, are often going to be those with the biggest disappointments. As well, those who do not learn to move past the disappointments, let them put you on a different course, will end up eventually hitting a wall, unable to move forward.

The pastor used the Titanic as an analogy for the demonstration. Think of your self (and your life) as a ship, and think of the iceberg (or icebergs) in the water around…

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