Racism In The Peoples Party Of Canada? You Don’t Say . . .

As we enter the last day of advance voting in the 2021 surprise Canadian Federal Election, I present you with a reblog of an entry that I wrote back in May, but completely forgot about.

While this writing makes clear where my vote is NOT going, I will not pick a side this time around by telling you where my vote is going (despite going liberal last time around).
Though there are 2 primary contenders in the Canadian system, remember that votes for smaller national contenders are not technically wasted votes. Even if a party like the Greens, Bloc or NDP don’t have a hope in hell of ever winning a majority, their influence rises with the amount of support they get from us voters.

While it amuses me to see conservatives concerned about the PPC potentially eating into the Conservative parties voter base (presumably to the benefit of the Trudeau Liberals), I am aware that Trudeau isn’t looking the best even on the left these days. If people are viewing this vote in the typical American mindset, they may be tempted to sit this one out.

Don’t do it. Even if the party that you don’t like regains (or takes) control, more votes for smaller national contenders means less overall influence of even the dominant players. The difference that is a majority or a minority government.

You can stay home and allow a majority for the liberals (seems unlikely) or the conservatives. Or you can explore another contender and potentially have either L or C win federally, but under a minority status. Unlike the virtually unchecked parliamentary boundaries of a majority, a minority is constrained by needing the approval of the next most powerful party. After all, nothing gets done without those votes.

As idiotic as calling this election seemingly was, don’t sit it out. Instead, be glad for the opportunity that options has afforded us in our democratic choices.

A Raindrop In The Ocean

Today’s post is, by my standards, low-hanging fruit. If I told you that writing this didn’t bring about a healthy dose of joy to my day, I would be lying. It would be like seeing live footage of Jason Kenny or Donald Trump slipping on a banana peel and falling on their ass.

If you ain’t laughing, you’re either delusional or full of shit (probably both). But anyway, on with the show.

Just as Justin Trudeau seems to have finally gotten the national vaccination program onto a similar trajectory as Joe Biden’s (as evidenced by my recent retrieval of my first Pfizer shot a week ago), the 2 factions of the Canadian Conservative political sphere appear to be embroiled in a spat of sorts.
Andrew told the teacher that Max was being a naughty boy. Or as it were, the Progressive Conservatives told the media that the Peoples Party were…

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