As most of you by now probably know, Nepal has recently gone though a nasty 7.8 level earthquake, and the deaths are in the thousands. Earlier today I was cruising youtube videos of the story (and live footage), and I came across one that had embedded the hashtag #PrayForNepal . Which did annoy me.

But it also inspired me to make a donation of my own. I choose to give $50 to the Canadian Red Cross (the Government of Canada is matching all “eligible” donations until March 25th). Here is the Canadian Red Cross link, and here is theĀ American Red Cross link.

I also came across another hashtag (this time on twitter) from someone in the secular community, which was #DontPrayPay . Im not normally a fan of hashtags (well, just to annoy people), but that is one I can agree with.

Do not feel obligated to give anything. Some can, some can’t for various reasons, maybe some won’t. It does not matter.

Just don’t pretend that praying for the people of Nepal is a meaningful action. Because it is not.